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Our Core Values

We present a healthy, loving image of God.

We are age appropriate.

We prioritize families learning together.

We engage the Bible both critically and comprehensively.

We are diverse and relevant for today's family and church rhythms.


Home Connection



Our family worship time has been changed by the growing together curriculum!
We love that everyone in my family studies the same topic each week out of the Bible!

- Parent of 3 kids 6, 9, and 11
The children responded so well and the parents are all so excited to have the resources to guide their families in devotional time with Christ...
Everyone is anticipating all the wonderful things the entire family will be able to be engaged...
They can't believe how simple and flexible the program is.
It's already a hit.

- Children's Ministry Leader
The lessons get the kids in the Bible, providing for a valuable opportunity to become comfortable with reading God's word as they work through the entire Bible every six years!

- Sabbath School Teacher
Our Primary children are learning so much from the bible with the new Growing Together curriculum! We leaders have noticed they are more engaged in Sabbath School than they were prior to implementing this new program. Also I love the varied Connect Options and the history timelines are always interesting and enlightening.

- Campus Hill Church